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Hi, there! I'm Jenny – full-time educator, self-taught baker and avid photographer. If, like me, you like baking and eating desserts, enjoy baking and photography as creative outlets, and like finding inspiration through the creative works of others, you have come to the right place! 


I created this blog mainly as a creative outlet for myself and also to share my occasional bakes with all of you (thank you for dropping by, really!). Often, my mind buzzes with new ideas revolving around food; and when time permits (precious free time that comes once in a while), I revel in being able to execute my ideas and see them come to fruition – whether it is a layered cake I've been thinking about, a particular flavour combination I've been wanting to try, or just the itch to bake and shoot (and then eat, of course!). It's just the way I slow down and recharge, and it's also one of the ways I think others can be blessed and their day made just a little better. Food has a sort of power and ability to bring people together, to put a smile on someone's face, to fill the belly and the heart.


In essence, this blog was born out of passion – a passion not just for baking and photography, but also for what they bring to the table: joy, inspiration, and people.


1. I am a full-time teacher (teaching Geography and English) in Singapore (a small tropical country that is very modern and contains a lot of good food), so pardon my lack of updates at times due to extreme busyness!

2. I love what I do (i.e. teaching), even though it can be exhausting at times.


3. I love chocolate (dark chocolate is the way to go). Not just the taste, but everything about it, from how its produced to how different chocolates have varying nuances in flavours. I also love anything that has chocolate in it, like chocolate cake, chocolate ice cream... You get the idea.

4. I love nature: mountains, wide open green spaces, coasts, forests, etc. My idea of a good holiday must involve visiting nature or being in nature. I also love photographing nature and people in scenic places.

Thank you for sticking around! I'm still learning and honing my craft, so bear with me! I hope you'd stay awhile and enjoy this little space. :)

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